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LuccaLucca a beautiful Tuscan town protected by massively thick 16th century walls featuring some of Italy’s finest medieval and Renaissance architecture, superb dining, antique markets, classical and rock music festivals, easy access to stunning nearby villas in the surrounding hills and endless beaches less than half an hour away.  The ancient ramparts that ring the old city were built by the inhabitants in 16th century for defence. Today you can walk or cycle around the city on the wide shaded walkways on top of the walls. Lucca is the birthplace of composers Francecesco Gemniani, Luigi Bocherini, Alfredo Catalani and of course Giacomo Puccini.

Lucca has an antiques market on the third Sunday in every month. Hosts Puccini concerts throughout the year in many of the churches. There is an open-air rock concert in the square in June/July. Many restaurants, bars and cafes where you can relax and watch the world go by listening to the street musicians. The Xmas market starts in November where the streets are lined with stalls the trees are lit with Xmas lights and the square is turned into a skating rink. If its designer shops you're looking for then Lucca has them where you can buy clothes, jewellery, leatherwear, shoes and much more. One visit is not enough to see all that Lucca has to offer you will find yourself wanting to go back and explore more of this beautiful walled city.

Churches of Lucca to visit

The San Martino Church - this Romanesque Cathedral contains a famous relic, the Volto Santo (Holy face) a wooden figure of Christ. The Volto Santo is believed to be the face of Christ carved by Nicodemus who was present at the crucifixion. The Santa Volta was conveyed to Lucca in 782. Once a year the revered effigy is removed to head a procession through the streets of Lucca. Arts on display include: A Ghirladaio, Maddona and child with St Peter, Clement, Paul and Sebastian Federico Zuccani; Adoration of Magi, Jacapo Tinturetto;  Last Supper Fra Bartolomeo Maddona and child.

The San Michele Church - almost certainly the most photographed view in Lucca. Every single column is different. Look up to the figure of the archangel the wings are hinged and may be retracted in high winds. If you catch sight of a glimmer up above then you are in for some good luck as you have seen the jewel in the ring on the hand of the statue.